Artists in Residence

Bryan Itch

Art installation: The Labyrinth

Bryan Itch will be creating a labyrinthian art installation built entirely out of wood that will allow Babylonians to lose themselves. Bryan will be using UV paints for exploration at night and in an Australian first we will be providing 3D glasses and using Chroma-depth 3D paints to make the installation come to life.

Melissa Shemanna

Art Gallery: Honey Bee Temple

The Honeybee Temple is a creative cultural honey hive of inspiration. It will be part art gallery, part showcase for live art and diverse media, part social/cultural hub for authentic connections and discussions on our world and part dream-seed incubator. The Honeybee Temple is a wonderful portal for visionary art & culture to be celebrated and co-created. The Honeybee Temple will be co-presented with the amazing Melissa Shemanna.