Ziggurat Art and Lifestyle Village

Art Tent

The Arts Space at Babylon will be a place to drop back into your creative side. Nestled amongst the lifestyle village the space will be a place where people can come and relax in the comfort of a safe, creative and inspiring atmosphere.

We will supply the materials like paints, chalks, watercolours etc alongside a range of small relaxed demonstrations on moulding, sewing and natural dying. We will also be creating a large mural piece where everyone that comes into the space can contribute to.

Expect to feel inspired and allow your creative energy to flow.

Healing Space

The Babylon Healing Space will be a bliss zone of relaxation and connection. We will have practitioners on hand offering a variety of styles of massage and healing.

Styles include:

Tibetan massage, Remedial Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Intuitive Healing.

Classes and workshops

The main lifestyle stage at Babylon will feature a variety of classes and workshops designed to bring mindfulness into your festival experience.

Each morning will begin with a meditation and sound healing and throughout the day we will offer yoga classes, ecstatic dance, acroyoga workshops, drumming workshops, life drawing classes and more!

Join us for a restorative experience to reset your mind and body.

Morning Meditation

Josh Blau

Sit, relax and drop deep. Whether you have a regular meditation practice or are brand new Josh will guide you through a morning meditation practice to help ground and center you for the day ahead.

Life Drawing

Rebecca Armstrong

Life drawing is a fantastic process for everyone no matter what skill level you are at. Drawing the figure from real life can hone your artistic visual and spatial abilities. A life drawing class is dynamic, with the model always moving and changing, giving you new shadows, gestures and expressions to work on in each pose. Life drawing is a great way to improve overall drawing skills and to better understand the landscape of the body.

Sound Healing

Meditation Soundscapes

Join Garth Stone and Dave Massie from Meditation Soundscapes for a deeply immersive experience into the healing power of sound. Sound is the medicine of the future. Ancient cultures have used sound for healing for at least 40,000 years – Australian Aborigines, Egyptian and Babylonian cultures. Meditation Soundscapes will take you on a journey utilising gongs, hand pans, didgeridoos, chimes, bells, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls which will assist listeners in reaching deep states of meditation with very little effort.

Evoke the sun – Yoga Flow

Emily Dowling

Come on the yoga journey to rise with the sun, exploring the strength and softness of breath filled dynamic asana, coaxing us to have an experience of self, beyond the surface waves of thoughts, dropping deep into our stillness like the depth of the ocean. We’ll move together, we’ll sit together, we’ll evoke the light within. Energise, cleanse, stabilize, realize.

Unleash your Spirit Animal – Yoga Flow

Emma Maidment

Join Emma for a journey through the animal kingdom to connect into your spirit animal and let it run free! This fluid yoga practice will have you connecting into your body through movement and breath as we explore the many animal asanas within the yoga practice. Unleash the animal within!

Relax , Rest and Restore – Restorative Yoga

Josh Blau

Need a break from the noise? Not vibing vinyasa? Grab your pillow and come along to this blissful restorative experience. Covering the most delicious range of restorative yoga postures, Josh will lead you through a beautiful sensorial journey to help you REST, RESTORE and RELAX to insure you’re fully charged up for the day of dancing ahead!

Awaken the Serpent – Yoga Flow

A journey to unlock your power and light your fire… This workshop will take students into a deeper understanding of the function of the spine and the bandhas. These concepts will be applied in a sequence that explores the range of the spine in all planes and how we can better support the spine in all our yoga asana including inversions, twists and back bends. Activating the bandhas is the gateway to unlocking a stronger, deeper experience in the yoga asana, pranayama, creating support for a healthy spine and stimulating the kundalini energy. Irene draws on over a decade of experience in yoga and physiotherapy to share a powerful experience that combines western science and eastern philosophy

Tribal Flow

Phoebe Cole

Phoebes tribal flow will unlock your inner warrior as she moves you though a kundalini inspired asana to get the ground shaking and the heart humming leaving you feeling connected, unbound and limitless. Any tribes welcome.

Five Element Qi Gong

Stuart Holdsworth

The Daoist’s believe that there are five basic energies which make up the universe. These five elements are also found within the body and relate to specific organs. Five Element Qi Gong is Master Liu’s own personal Qi Gong set, which works to balance and purify these elements within the body. The class will begin with a light stretch, 5-10 minutes of meditation to calm the mind before moving into the Five Elements. The class will end with a few minutes of centring and mindfulness.

AcroYoga – The JOY of Flight

Izzy Ais, Josh Blau, Emma Maidment

Are you ready to FLY? Come experience a fun and playful way to connect and move. AcroYoga is a partner-based practice, offering a social way to cultivate trust, empowerment and joy. This is an all levels workshop that will explore elements of yoga asana, strength building drills, partner work and acrobatic poses and group activities. No experience necessary. No partner needed. Just bring your willingness to play and have fun!

Thai and Fly – Therapeutic AcroYoga Workshop

Josh Blau, Emma Maidment

Dive into the lunar AcroYoga Practice. This workshop offers an exploration into the art of giving and receiving. A deeply restorative AcroYoga offering. Sharing elements of Thai massage and Therapeutic flying techniques. Discover a blissful experience of surrender, connection and rest.
No experience necessary. No partner needed. Just bring your willingness to play, have fun and relax!

Macrame Workshop – Dutchies Delights

You are invited into a magical world of macrame creation. You will learn how to create your own macrame pouch necklace, working with natural waxed cord, wooden beads and beautiful quartz crystals. All materials and a crystal is included.

African Drumming – Workshop

Our workshops are a hands-on cultural experience which engages people in the positive spirit of West African music. Our facilitator will come dressed in traditional clothing and ready to share West African culture with the participants. He’ll teach the participants easy to follow rhythms, giving people a chance to experience African drumming in a way that break down barriers and offers the chance for everyone to get involved and have a great time together. People are magnetically drawn to the music; it’s fantastic fun and something everyone will love.

True Connection – Workshop

You’re not your Ikea furniture, your job, your car your clothes or even your social media profiles, behind all of these things hides the real you. The real you is hidden, distracted by all the pretty things but never truly satisfied. There is place of healing and connection that we all experience in moments of tragedy, heart break and complete surrender where we can let go of what divides us and come together as one, humanity. Explore the depths of connection with Irene and Jimmy as they take you on a journey into yourself fusing methods of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and dynamic group work. A heart opening experience that will have you over flowing with love and totally connected. This practice is both effortless and easy calling on a part of ourselves that has always been, only forgotten. It is in knowing who we really that we can let go of who we are not.

YOKE – Ecstatic Dance Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed to help participants engage with their bodies in cohesion. At YOKE we believe in oneness at the core of all existence. Thus we aim to assist others in finding their true release alongside fellow Yokers within and around the dance-floor environment. With the help of our resident DJs, who play a mixture of down tempo, dub, deep house, techno and live music we will take you on a two-hour journey opening the heart and releasing the mind. Warming up from the core and picking up to high energy, ecstatic dancing. Finally cooling down with some stretching, group meditation and reflect on the journey experienced & shared.

Modular Synth Workshop

Luke Stein

My workshop is aimed at people that have never seen a modular synthesiser and would like some hands on experience using a modular synthesiser, or to the more seasoned user that is keen to see my work flow and pick up a few tricks and tips

The workshop will include
  • History of modular synthesisers
  • Demonstration of using synths including the exploration of sound design and creating music
  • Q&A (if time permits)