Going Gramping…? Course you are! Why not extend your stay before or after the festival to journey deeper into the glorious Grampian region. Here’s how…

What could be better to keep your spirits stellar than to deepen your exploration into Victoria’s lesser roved lands before or after Babylon. That’s right, cancel your meetings, extend your leave, tell your momma you ain’t coming home – you and the crew are going to some of the prettiest nooks of the fair state of Victoria. Staggering peaks, dramatic vistas, wildlife, flora and don’t-I-look-pretty-in-this-natural-mirror lakes await your discovery. Hide away in a rustic cottage in a forgotten goldrush town, pat cows on the head, eat cheese and wine to your heart’s content and feed wild kangaroos in the paddock. But be warned, you might never want to go back to the city.

Here’s why…

Outside the urban sprawl, nature has sprinkled her own fairydust in dreams borne of soil, sand and earth. Here the graffiti is twists of foliage and the tattoos are flowers blooming out of red dirt. So grab your camper and let’s go Grampian so we can dance under the stars for a little while longer!

Jump in that combi, baby… the open road awaits. Find out all you need to know, including maps and places to rest your weary little festival head here. Isn’t it good to be alive?

So what’s nearby to get my roadtrip cranking?

St Arnaud

Are you looking for a charming little country town to nestle into a picture postcard cottage with your future boyfriend/girlfriend? Step back in time to the delightful township of St Arnaud, just 12km north of the event site. Sip craft beer and cocktails at the Lamartine Hotel, smash a burger and beer at the Royal on the way home, or enjoy creature comforts in The Botanical country pub, all the while thanking your lucky stars for the freedom to grab your backpack and roam free in our beautiful country.

Use St Arnuad as your base to explore the unspoilt tranquility of Walkers Lake, just a 40 minute drive from the town, with fishing, boating and all you need to enjoy the great Aussie outdoors. Also make the time to visit the oasis of MacKenzie Falls, where you’ll be in awe of the raw power of nature – and get some great Instagram shots to make those that didn’t get a ticket pretty green.

St Arnaud is also your last port of call for stocking up on water, bandaids, mozzie spray, mixers, batteries… tins of tuna (if you’re one of those annoying festival tuna eaters… we know who you are…!) and all your event essentials including pharmacy and ATM. While the site is well catered for, make sure you are prepared! We don’t mean to sound like your mum, we’re just telling you cos we love you… (that’s also what she says).

Halls Gap

Get back to nature in stunning Halls Gap, just 1.5 hours drive from Babylon – and well worth the cruise. Here, you can hike to your heart’s content. Shake paws with wild kangas bouncing around the fields like you at the Main Stage on Friday. And blow those cobwebs away trotting to higher places like a newborn gazelle. Whether you’re looking for a short scout about or to show off your rad rockclimbing skills to your newfound festival friends, you’ll be spoiled for choice en route to The Pinnacle, Boroka Lookout, Boronia Peak, Chatauqua Peak and Balconies Lookout.

Relive your childhood dripping icecream all over your tshirt at Coola’s Icecreamery, have a picnic on the grass among the flowers with all the munchies you stash from Livefast Café or grab a mezze lunch or croque monsieur at Harvest Halls Gap – with foodstalls aplenty just like at Babylon, you certainly won’t go hungry.

Looking for a place to set up camp for the night? They must have heard you were coming. You will find a campsite all ready for you to set up home – wonder how many peeps you will recognise from the festival? Communal campground anyone? Another great reason not to leave your flags and decorations on site… take ‘em with you!

 The Wine Regions

Planning to make a grape escape? Why not bust out to the Pyrenees? But hold on monsieur, are we in France – what are ze hell are you talking about? Well you might not have known that Victoria has a Pyrenees all of its very own! If you know your Seppelt from your Shiraz – or have an interest in getting to know more about spicy reds and sexy sparklings of this region de rigueur – meander to this abundant wine destination for some next level refreshments to remember.

Take some time to wine-down (see what we did there?) in the Great Western Wine Village where you can up the ante with an underground cellar wine tour and a tasting degustation at the cute-as-button Steel Cutters Cottage, dating back to 1911. Plenty of other wineries await your eager palette in the glorious Great Western Region…discover your degustation route on the website.


Connect your soul deeper with the land of the Grampians as you journey deeper into the wilderness to cleanse reality and extend your rave-cation. Turn up your radio and surrender to the open road – you’ll thank us later. Maybe now’s the time to tell your boss you won’t be coming back for a while!

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