Waste Reduction Tips

Before You Leave Home

Before you even get to the festival you can help the environment. By reducing the packaging you bring with you, you will be reducing the total amount of waste that we generate – This is a good thing! You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Take the outside packaging off food items or other items you bring with you.
  2. Using reusable items is also a great way to reduce waste.
  3. Put your possessions into reusable plastic/cardboard boxes instead of using plastic bag
  4. Bring a reusable drink bottle and buy yourself a few 10lt spring waters containers.
  5. Also remember to bring your own garbage bags!


When you read about the great pacific garbage patches or birds with stomachs filled with plastic, this is the rubbish they are talking about. These are all the tiny bits of plastic that seem really innocent but they are not! These are things like ciggie buts, straws, cable ties, the plastic that goes around your cigarette packet and the corner of the packet you rip open. Any small bit of plastic that could be eaten or washed into a river is BAD. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we don’t allow any of these kinds of litter to get into the environment.


Your campsite is your home while you are at the festival. This is your palace, your rock, your sanctuary – so treat it as such. We encourage you to bring good quality camping gear with you. Invest in a quality well made items such as camp chairs, a good tent and a good tarp at the very least.

One of the first things you should do during the event is set up your campsite bins. We will provide you with garbage bags to use to dispose of your waste. We encourage you to have a bin for Landfill, Recycling and Compost. This will
make it so much easier to keep you home clean. Remember to have a daily clean up of
camp so that it remains a clean and positive environment. Remember when you leave to clean up all the rubbish at your camp, this includes doing a Micro-Litter Sweep (remember the bane of our existence above). If you can, please take your rubbish home with you. If you can’t then please put it in garbage bags, tie them up and leave them in a neat pile so they don’t blow away.

Dance Floors

Now who doesn’t like dancing on a nice clean dance floor? If don’t you should not be at a festival. The dance floor is the main reason we are all here, so it makes no sense to trash the place. There will be bins to either side and up the back of the dance floor, USE THEM, or take it back to camp with you. Don’t throw your ciggy buts on the ground, and the same goes for nangs. Just don’t, you are better than that. At Babylon we practice this thing called Take 5, and it means that every time you leave the dance floor, take 5 bits of rubbish that you did not bring. That’s it, simple. Keeping a festival clean is everyone’s responsibility, if you see a bit of litter it’s yours, you now own it.

Please do the right thing, and remember it’s sexy to be clean!