We are incredibly proud to announce the lineup of local artists playing at Babylon in 2017. Our local dance community is one of the strongest in the world, and we are honoured to have an opportunity to support and showcase these artists to the world.

In alphabetical order:

Acid Safari, ACM, Adrian Clemente, Alex Cram, Andy Hart, Ben Callahan, Ben Houghton, Ben Mac, Billy The Kid, Bongani, Boogs, Brian Fantana, Caine Sinclair, Charles Oliver, D-REX, Daniel Sun, Dave Hutton, Dean Benson, Dean Turnley, DJ Kiti, DXM, Earthbound, Glacial, Handsdown, Harry Moody, High Jacked, Hype Ratio, Illume, Jackson Ruan, Jason Townsend, Jekyll, Jozef Conor, JYDN, Kane Laidley, Kate Miller, Khatapillah, Kinky Karma, Le Bruh, Lee Roid, Leighboy, Leo James, Less is Moar, Mad Lucas, Marko, Matt Radovich, Megapixel, Mickey Nox, Mike Callander, Mitch Luby, Myles Mac, Nightshayde, Noise In My Head, Ozzy, Pakman, Pat Tassone, Pete Laskis, Positive Pete, Prosdo, Pspiralife, Psyphoria, PWD, Ryanosaurus, Sammy La Marca, Sarantis, Scott Freedman, Scotty Pesticide, Shannon Briggs, Skwid, Spacey Space, Spilt Silo, Sundelin, Sunshine, Suseri, Terrafractyl, Thad Lester, The Journey, The Psy-Entists, Uone, Valerio Sinatra, Viktor, Wasabi, Whitebear and Zac De Petro