Local Community

St Arnaud

We would like to thank the local St Arnaud and Northern Grampians community for welcoming us with open arms to the area. We are proud to be working with local community who will be providing integral services and supplies to Babylon including traffic management services, cleaning services, food stalls (keeping us nourished with delicious food and drinks), providing building supplies and materials, assisting with site preparation and mechanical services.

When you are feeling hungry at Babylon, we encourage you to grab something to eat from the local community food stalls to show your support  – The CFA and the St Arnaud Football/Netball/Hockey Club will keep you nourished throughout the weekend.

We highly recommend that everyone journeying to Babylon take some time to support the community that has embraced us and provides our amazing location. We suggest that you do any shopping for supplies in St Arnaud, which is just 15 minutes drive north of the entry to Babylon.

There you will be able to find a supermarket, pharmacy, petrol stations and ATMs, as well as op shops, cafes, hotels and a number of other food and drink outlets. 




Petrol Stations


Clothing Stores






We would also recommend that you take some time and explore a little further afield.  Click here to read a feature story, by Kate Stephenson on exploring the region in more depth.

Grampians National Park

Halls Gap is just 1.5hrs beyond our site, at the foothills of the Grampians National Park (Gariwerd), which contain some of the most stunning landscapes in Victoria.

There are a number of peaks of interest and other natural attractions including

To learn more about this region click here