The Keepers of Babylon

The Keepers of Babylon will be roving representatives of the social mission of Babylon.

The Keepers of Babylon will be adorned in blue high-vis and will be trained and tasked with looking out for you. They will be roaming and have radios so can assist you at any time, should you require help or need assistance in locating key event services such as First Aid or security.  There will be two permanent ‘Keepers Helper Hunts’ at Babylon – located in the main camping area and in the music area.

They are friendly and approachable and are there to help! Please welcome them and take the time to have a chat with them is you see them over the event!


Some key messages from the Keepers:

  • Party safely:  Have a buddy so that you can look out for one another! Make sure you moderate your party time with the essentials; rest, food and hydration! A perfect balance of chill and party paves the way for a great weekend.
  • Driver safety: Plan ahead; make sure you know who’s responsible for driving home before you come to the festival.  Support your driver to ensure they get enough rest and time of sobriety before they make the trip home.
  • Reduce your waste: Plan and pack wisely when coming to the festival. Ensure to bring items that help you reduce your waste (eg minimize packaging), and work towards keeping a clean and functional waste ethos in your campsite!
  • Consent: Partying and romance does happen! But remember, consent requires clear communication to be consent. Make sure you look after each-other and if you see something you don’t like come and find a Keeper or offer the person an opportunity to remove themselves from the situation!
  • Be mindful of your environment: Ensure to be familiar of your surroundings. Know where the toilets, water taps, First Aid and the Keepers of Babylon Huts are.