Sustainability Initiatives

Babylon will be undertaking a number of holistic approaches to environmental sustainability, with the care of the land on which we host the event, at the forefront of our minds.  This comprehensive approach to sustainable practices is to be embraced, implemented and built on by every aspect of this festival including internal and external stakeholders, staff, crew, volunteers and attendees.

We understand here at Babylon Festival the huge impact an event like this can have on the environment and community. We are working towards making that impact positive and engaging for all those involved. We also understand that this can’t happen overnight and is a major change is the way that many of us approach consuming and waste.

Sustainability starts in the mind. Sustainability is not just an effective waste management system but also a manifestation of sustainable reality for patrons; a system design in which we are all integral participants. For an effective change of our goals must be realistic and also optimistic. Therefore this year we have two major initiatives so that all events in the future will also have a firm sustainable basis.

A major component is Active Participation.

  • How can I contribute? Ask yourself this question and you will find that everything that comes after this moment will manifest for the better.
  •  We will have biodegradable cups available at Babylon and we’ll be rewarding a full cup of cigarette butts with 1 x free drink or 1 x entry to our recycle raffle (prizes include lifetime passes to Babylon, Babylon mix CD’s, food vouchers + more)
  • Put your rubbish directly into the bins and skips that you will find extensively throughout our site.
  • Plan ahead – BYO rubbish & recycling bags and try to leave as much packaging back home as possible.
  • Don’t litter, it’s really not that hard to find a bin close by.  Who wants to dance on a littered dance floor?
  • Use greener and more sustainable products at camp, biodegradable packaging and cutlery, recycled or salvaged wood and materials for your camp structures and solar energy for lighting.
  • Couch Deposits – Whatever you bring in,  you must take out… a pretty simple initiative, however due to the nature of this not always being adhered to, we will be taking a $100 deposit for each couch or large furniture item brought to the festival. This will be  payable at the gate and will be returned upon exit.
  • Listening, learning, empathy, collaboration, sharing is caring and skill share, strangers are just new friends

Babylon Festival is establishing a positive and formative framework for progress and growth. We hope that all Babylonians can be part of this journey with us to build a strong community.

The following is an outline of initiatives that implemented correctly and supported from top down, will embark Babylon Festival as a truly Zero Waste and therefore GREEN festival experience.

In collaboration with Sustainability and Waste Management, Babylon Festival aims to achieve the following….

Carbon Offset Initiatives

Carbon Footprint Impact Assessment – AUDIT. This is a critical assessment of all energy usage and waste of the entire festival. The purpose of this assessment to offset the carbon footprint of this event and all future events by Babylon Victoria with the target to reach a level of Zero Impact.

  • This is particularly important for the March 2017 event as the first event for many future events, it will set the standard of operation for these types of initiatives and create a platform from which to build on.
  • Accurate and detailed data analysis and synthesis will inform future initiatives.


  • This is the largest impact the festival can have on the environment. The festival will initiate major impact assessment surveys. The main focus being at the gate where surveys will be held to gathering information including, but not limited to, distance traveled (post code data), type of vehicle used, type of fuel (petrol, diesel…) and number of people traveling in vehicle. This information will be synthesized to implement concrete carbon offset initiatives for future events (which will include the first events impact) accurately.
  • This includes assessing all travel to and from the festival from attendees, staff, volunteer and general crew


  • Site Crew Services, including electricians, generator operators, production staff, Market Management etc. will be interviewed by Sustainability and Waste Management staff to understand the energy usage of each department. This information will be synthesized to accurately offset further events.
  • Proud to say we are using Bio Diesel in all our generators this year.


  • The environmental impact of the festival will be monitored and logged by all relevant staff including Operations, Site Services, Gate Staff and Waste Management.


  • Engage groups such as Treecreds to run the surveys at the gate and then synthesize data for the benefit of offsetting the carbon footprint of the attendees travel to and from the festival
  • Carbon offsetting initiatives to be considered by event staff with aim of the greatest benefit to the environment


  • The ZERO WASTE program is implemented by all expressions of our community and will be further upheld at Babylon Victoria.
  • The basis for this program to engage all participants involved in the festival including attendees, staff, volunteers and crew to be actively aware of leaving NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS on the land and environment.
  • Nothing But Footprints implies exactly as the name implies and requires all materials, waste and effects on environment to be replenished during and post event where reasonable to do so within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Absolutely everything you bring into the site must go back with you.
  • We will have appropriate general waste, recycling and compost bins at convenient locations for you to use, please use as indicated by our friendly signs
  • Bring plenty of garbage bags and a box/crate for recycling.
  • We will be collecting a large amount of recycled materials for art installations for future events. Keep an eye out for these hubs
  • Take all couches, tents, gazebos, and camping chairs – everything – back with you.
  • Biodegradable glitter. It’s out there. Find it, buy it, glitter it. Please avoid buying and using non-earth friendly glitter and any other sparkly things that may wash and fall off you as you frolic in Babylon land.

Active Participation

Active participation is the purposeful and positive engagement by all contributors to the festival including the lead up, during the event and post event. This engagement is generally expressed with the intention of listening, learning, teaching, and skill share, being considerate and thoughtful in every action taken towards others, the site and festival.

Actively participating in an event is to truly embrace and spread the positives messages, to make friends with strangers, to look after your friends and be bettering aware of your environment. These are lesson, which are easily practiced in safe and nurturing environments such as Babylon Victoria and can be taken back home and implement all year round.


  • Support the local community – please buy your water, ice and last-stop necessities in town.
  • Be an active member of the Babylon community. Consider how you may contribute in any way to keep to vibe alive and the site pristine.
  • Every action you take and conscious moment you choose to participate in is what makes this festival so special.
  • Pick up what you see on the floor.
  • Look after your mates.
  • Look after your soon-to-be your mates.
  • Get creative with your campsite, costumes and party toys.
  • PORTABLE ASHTRAYS – use them, keep them for your smoking friends, don’t need it then return it, grab more from the info tent. These are re-usable so please empty into the bins provided, wash when you get home, and kept for all future events.

Sustainable Vendors and Markets

  • We ask and support all vendors and market stalls to act in the most sustainable way possible. That is being as resourceful as possible – re-using equipment to utilizing biodegradable cups and plates.
  • We ask everyone where possible that you buy produce that has been grown within 100km the area of Babylon site. As we get to know our neighbors over the coming years this will be increasingly encouraged. Fruitful relationships are the glue to all successful communities
  • You are greatly encouraged to bring your own cups, plates/bowls and cutlery. Wash stations will be located in the food market area.
  • Priority in given to environmentally conscious vendors and market stalls.

Minimizing Waste – Reuse and Recycle

  • Bin points are located throughout the festival grounds. Please keep an eye out and use them appropriately – check the signs.
  • We strongly encourage the use of large water vessels and re-usable water bottles. Please avoid bringing multi-pack bottled water – and any other produce, which is unnecessarily packaged. Please be considerate when using our water-refill stations.
  • Transport. Please car pool. Carpool/ride share/car share, whatever you prefer to call it you know how to do it. The less cars used means less waste and a smaller footprint for the festival. It is considerate and thoughtful practice to minimize your footprint and the easiest way to do it is share your ride with your friends, or pick up a new friend.

Volunteers – The Keepers of Babylon

  • These guys keep it all looking shmick. Feel free to give them a hand, a pat on the back or make space to do what they need to do.
  • If you need help at any time please reach out to these guys and girls – they know where to find the info tents, medics and emergency services should you need them.
  • Please visit The Keepers of Babylon at the info tent for any more information.

We are constantly working towards improving and growing our sustainable capacity.

Please contact us should you have any questions, comments or would like to get involved.

Thanks to our partners in eco-friendly super-sustainable earth-loving practices we are able to bring you the greenest festival possible.